Latest GreenQloud News

Paul Miller wrote a great article in Forbes about GreenQloud, and how our company keeps evolving – even if it’s painful at times to move on.

Facts are facts:

We are shutting down GreenQloud’s public cloud

There’s no other way to put it – but we’re making sure that our customers keep using a world-class public cloud until the very end in October. These are the facts on how GreenQloud is going forward:

  • The final date for our public cloud operations is 1st October 2015 – afterwards we continue as a software company
  • Not wanting to compete with our own customers, we will focus our resources to continually make sure QStack is the best infrastructure management tool.
  • We’ll focus on enabling our System Integration Partners to deploy QStack as private, public or hybrid clouds, on top of the VMware vSphere™, KVM and Bare Metal hypervisors
  • While we use components from Apache CloudStack, we believe in solutions, not compromises: so we also utilize OpenStack components, and building a lot of our own proprietary software – because neither CloudStack or OpenStack is a “magic bullet”
  • This also enables us to be compatible with a wide range of technologies, even with those from our competitors – that’s the only way to ensure that our customers are in control of their own IT

We are very proud of QStack, of our fantastic staff, delighted to welcome world class enterprises amongst our customers, and appreciate the great work of our expanding number of great partners.

We will keep on providing companies with a turnkey cloud software solution, enable their users and customers with self-service IT resources, and ease the load on their operations teams as well as addressing the issue of shadow IT and security challenges that still haunt the industry and hinder adoption.

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello

The GreenQloud public cloud may say goodbye in October, but great service providers, like our friends at Advania who hosted our gear over the years, will keep the idea of Truly Green™ cloud computing alive: running on renewable energy, and powered by QStack.

Advania OpenCloud, from Iceland, is already ready and available, the first in many public cloud offerings that embrace world-class technology together with sustainability.

I look forward introducing QStack to you, feel free to ping me for further info on the most advanced IT infrastructure management solution there is!