About me

Boarn in Reykjavik, Iceland on the 13th of July 1980.

Raised in Reykjavik and Southern Iceland, particularly in a small village by the sea called Þorlakshofn (Thorlakshofn) and at a farm in a county called Skeid, east of Selfoss.

I am married to a spectacular woman and have two sons, born in 2005 and 2013.

I have been active in business since I was 6 years old when I started in fierce competition with the largest florist chain in Iceland by selling freshly picked Buttercups (weed flowers) by the entrance. Since then I have in one way or another participated in business or some sort of ventures.

I found my niche in business development, sales and marketing and have over the past years been increasingly focused on automation to increase operational efficiency. I have worked in IT since 2010.

in 2006 I took my first steps in the startup world where I took the position of a COO of a company called 48DVD and later became the CEO. After I left the company I founded a company called EasyStuff that still operates today and sells products through the largest CE retailer in Iceland under its own brands that the company manufacutes in Asia.

In 2010 I became one of three founders of Greenqloud that started out as a public cloud but we pivoted the company into a software company in 2014 focusing on private and hybrid cloud solutions. I left Greenqloud late 2016 but the company was sold to Netapp in 2017.

In 2013 me and my finace at the time (now my wife) started a media company called hun.is (hun means “she” in Icelandic) where we made great success. Hun.is became one of the most popular sites in Iceland within months with arround 1/3 of the nation coming to the site weekly. We sold the company 14 months after it was founded.

After leaving Greenqloud I worked as a consultant, focusing on marketing, business development and sales for tech companies, mostly in the Datacenter and High Performance Computing market but also in retail and e-commerce.

In mid 2017 I took a job at Advania, one of the largest IT companies in the Nordics as a Project Manager and Cloud Sales Manager executing IT at scale.